We like the World.  There we said it, we actually have a love affair with the world and have many miles and stories behind us and many more ahead of us.  You could call us at 9:00am and say “be at the airport at noon we’re going to Paris” and we’d make it with at least 15 minutes to spare.  We figure there are three travel essentials that every globetrotting traveler should have: a current passport with at least six-months of validity left on it, a good suitcase that rolls and wanderlust.

Be open to tasting a new culture, cuisine or dirt.  Dirt?  Yes, dirt.  Every glass of wine carries the essence of the terroir it was grown in. Vegetables carry the flavor of the field they were raised in. Seafood has sea dirt(some call it sand) from their marine location. Dirt is important to farmers and it should be to you too. Don’t litter, think sustainability and respect dirt. Really, don’t litter…. we mean it… how would you like it if someone threw their used paper cup on your yard? Pick-up after yourself and you’ll be appreciated, litter and you won’t. Recently it occurred to us that travelers could pick-up litter along their travels and help the world along the way, we hope you’ll put this idea into action.  Hmmm, what if there was a reward for picking up litter?

Hold hands in a crowd and when crossing the street. Seems simple like we wouldn’t need to tell you this but after the first time you lose your travel companion in a crowd of rabid, jeering, overzealous soccer fans you learn not to let go. And, when it comes to crossing streets make sure to look both ways, at least twice, before you step off of the curb, especially if you are in a country where the cars have right-hand drive and cars come from the direction you don’t anticipate.

Now about the six-months validity on your passport. That part is important since most countries have an immigration policy that requires you to have at least six-months of validity left on your passport at the time of entry. And, some of those countries will not let you exit the airport – you could be put on the next plane back to where you came from and at your expense too. The United States requires the same of incoming foreign visitors as well so be prepared when you travel.  And, chances are, that if you send your passport to an embassy to get a travel visa it will get sent back to you with no visa if you don’t have the required months of validity remaining and visa fees being what they are it could be a really expensive oversight.

Suitcases that roll.  We’ve been down some pretty long airport concourses where the distance between gates seems like running a marathon.  A good suitcase won’t tip when you push and/or pull it, it will fit in between the rows of airplane seats and be sturdy enough to sit on if you have to wait a long time and the seats are all taken(or there are none at all).  My first trip abroad I carried a solid-sided suitcase that weighed 60-pounds and the first flight wasn’t too bad but six weeks later I was ready to throw it in the Thames.

Got wanderlust?  Want to be a globetrotter?  Want to see what’s on the other side of the ocean? Go.